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Do you use a manual phone tree process or an expensive auto-dialer system when you need to reach many employees on short notice? Inspiron’s WENS system is a more cost effective and versatile solution for your employee communications needs.

WENS enables any business to communicate rapidly and reliably for routine dispatch and coordination while also serving as the central communications tool for your business continuity/disaster recovery plan. With the Inspiron WENS notification system, you can reach the right person or group, at the right time, wherever they are.

    With Inspiron’s WENS companies can:

            Easily notify any employee or department across a wide area

      • Shift filling announcements
      • Individual dispatches with acknowledgement
      • Surveys and polls
      • Team coordination

            Respond more quickly to emergencies, such as:

      • Staff callbacks for outages or weather emergencies
      • Alerting for inclement weather hazards
      • Infrastructure failures and Internal Continuity

            Extend mass notification processes beyond pagers and mobile radios

            Provide backup notification when pagers and radios are out-of-coverage

            Alert and assemble emergency teams in minutes

            Conduct drills using easily repeatable methods

            Reduce communication costs

    Inspiron Logistics is a leader in the Emergency/Mass Notification industry, and is active with companies of all sizes.